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and we wrap
each other
skin to skin
passion to passion
as desire wells
and builds
and I am ready
and you are ready
and we meld into one
one single moment
to taste
to know
to begin
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 5 10
hot wet water
puddles on
hot wet skin
the puddles grow
and streak
drawn by gravity
across wet
smooth light
it beads on breasts
and flows
to paradise
to linger
in wet folds
of halcyon purity
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 4 5
From where we came
To where we go
Nothing is ever more perfect
And in this quiet
White curl of life
Nothing is ever more pure
And wrapped in the purity
Of our united perfection
Nothing can be more free
From where we go
To where we came
Nothing is everything to me
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 6 5
“That’ll be fifteen seventy-eight,” he was a swarthy guy in jeans, a well-worn shirt, and a completely indifferent expression.
“Yeah, right, here’s twenty five,” he said exchanging the cash for the pizza box.  The pizza guy turned with out a word and disappeared as he closed the door.
“Hell of a tip” the woman’s voice called from the couch.
“I never know how much and I didn’t want him to come back and pee on your door because I gave him a lousy tip.”
“Not much of a chance of that,” she said getting a couple of plates and paper napkins from the dining area of her apartment.  He turned and looked at her and she took his breath away, again.  She was wearing a simple woman’s cut tee shirt, blue with a gently sloping scooped neck that barley covered the tops of her breasts and light blue shorts that looked like cut-off sweat pants but they were made of a lighter cotton material.
She move
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 6 25
Mature content
'...and the angels sang...' :iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 7 28
Mature content
Desire :iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 7 33
Mature content
Touch :iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 10 28
Morte no momento da vida
Eu desejo que eu poderia alcançar
E te tocar e te segurar
Segurar o seu rosto em minha mão
E eu viveria em seus olhos
Dançaria em seu sorriso
Respiraria suas mesmas respirações
E você dançaria comigo
Nossos corpos envolvidos
No desejo e no prazer
Um pensamento
Uma necessidade
Um coração
Oh eu desejo com tudo que eu sou
Que eu poderia te segurar em meus braços
Mas você é uma brisa
Canção de uma sereia
Morte para mim
No momento da vida
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 0 5
Death in the Moment of Life
I wish that I could reach
And touch and hold you
To hold your face in my hand
And I would live in your eyes
Dance in your smile
Breathe your very breaths
And you would dance with me
Our bodies wrapped
In desire and pleasure
One thought
One need
One heart
Oh I wish with all that I am
That I could hold you in my arms
But you are a will o the wisp
A siren’s song
Death for me
In the moment of life
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 6 19
Her golden hair flows
Cascading and curving
Like a frothing mountain stream
Breaking and flowing
Over smooth and smiling shoulders
To gather at her breasts
At her baby blue dress
Like a deep flowing pool
It clings to her body
Hiding unfathomable secrets
To flare and fly around wild,
Untamable legs
And you beg to be with her
To linger in her laughing tones
To submit to her caprice
Like every other man in the room
The old men who will dream of her
In the darkness of their quiet beds
The young will see here as a vision
Too young to recognize her lasting regrets
And the women,
Oh, the women will hate her
Because she is still what she was
Before they turned their heads
But she will have none of this
Above and aloof beyond such petty things
She knows her innocent power
She knows what she wants
She knows what she knows
That the power is hers
Born of her sex
And the innate desires for her
That she can use and abuse
For her own desires
For her own pleasure
For her own survival
Poets write of fa
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 5 14
Mature content
One Night :iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 5 18
Mature content
Read in the morning :iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 4 21
Cut My Soul
Like a paper uncrumpled
And the wrinkled words read
Like the blood of a martyr
That’s been poured on my head
A basket unwoven
(So artfully made)
Is wet by the rain
Its colors to fade
Oh split the great atom
Let the bright power flow
Beyond my poor life
Consuming my soul
Beyond my weak vision
Beyond all that I know
And I will stand naked
In the green fields of need
To cut my dear soul
To see if I bleed
To cut my one soul
To watch as it bleeds
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 10 35
Mature content
For Isabel :iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 4 34
White Satin
Wrap me in white satin
Your chrysalis of joy
And desire
Where the world,
For me,
Will cease to be
In the river that flows
Through your pleasure dome
In the lightness of
Unbearable fire
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 4 21
Love is Lost
“A savage place! as holy and enchanted
As e’er beneath a waning moon was haunted
By a woman wailing for her demon-lover!”
“Kubla Khan” S. T. Coleridge
Come run with me in these sacred woods
You and I and we will leave our clothes behind
For here, and only here can we embrace
The honesty of our deepest lives
And here, only here can we embrace
The scars that we hide ‘neath our fears
Camouflaged in the fabric that we cling to and treasure
“Love is lost, oh, love is lost”
You whisper through your tears,
“Ripped from my hurt and bleeding soul
Where the deepest and precious
From me was stole
And replaced with eternal fears”
Oh, swim with me my dearest faun
In the Alph’s clean and sacred waters
Will wash our flesh and banish our fears
And heal the hurts so red
And wash and cleanse the fetid wounds
But the scars will yet remain
As a token of the blood we shed
Love is not lost, it never was gone
But only hid to wait and mend
Love will stand
:iconxxbehindthedoorxx:xXBehindthedoorXx 4 24



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Well it is my FIRST avatar and it was provided by the ever lovely StabbedxWitxPleasure

thanks hun....

This is too coooooool!!!!!!
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